Why airconditioning and Refrigeration system need servicing?
  Airconditioning and Refrigeration system are all mechanical equipments which are subjected to wear and tear, unless you maintain them regularly, they lose efficiency, consume more power over time, you end making lesser profits.
  If regular maintenance is done than system delivers 95% of its original efficiency, this helps reducing running and repair cost & thus helps you save a lot of power.
On opting services of Protect Services, you avail of the following advantages.
  • TRAINED PERSONAL – Our engineers and technicians are well trained to handle all sophisticated equipments.
  • PRIORITY SERVICES – All customers who opt for our annual services are given services on top priority, so that your call is attended immediately & the down time is reduced.
  • PREVENTIVE CHECKS – Under all our service solutions, we offer preventive maintenance checks which helps in detecting problems at an early stage thus reducing costly down time.
  • GENUINE PARTS – We ensure genuine spares are used that will go a long way in ensuring high uptime for your system.
  • SEASON SETTING – In summer you like to lower the setting of temperature & in cold season you increase the temperature and at Protect Services our engineer set the system as required.

Thus protecting your costly & sophisticated airconditioning system from damaging is as vital as your?????? initial investment and we at Protect Services help you to protect it. Our experts periodically check all the system, repair & replace the required parts & also calibrate the equipment for perfect air balancing distribution. Thus providing you the finest and most comprehensive range of solution.

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